Sunday, June 2, 2013

Time to Dump Wolfie

Today is Sunday, almost thru the whole weekend.  I've been reading and subscribing to a few blogs, mostly ladies doing the 100 day challenge.  No liquor of any kind for 100 days in a row.  That's the ultimate goal and I'm taking it one day at a time.  Trying to reflect daily on how alcohol isn't adding anything positive to my life.  There is some in my house right now,  beer, tea coolers and some vodka.  No wine.  Wine was my first and favorite drink of choice.  I can drink a glass like it like its water.  Funny,  I'm not sure I really like wine. The first glass always taste the worst, lol.

No one knows that I'm doing the challenge.  I've taken my clean eating serious at times and it was an easy excuse to use why I wasn't drinking. Right now my focus is to drink no alcohol and get back into my old healthy routine.  Wake up at 5 am to work out before the kids head to school and I go to work.    I like waking up with no hangovers & not feeling like crap.  Each day I am a step closer to riding toxins from my body, clearer thoughts, restful sleep and feeling better about myself and my choices.

I'm not thinking days ahead, just a day at a time.  This Wedneaday I have a challenge, I'm taking a half day to see a baseball game with a friend who is a big beer drinker.  I'm going to say I will be DD.  I'll make up an excuse I have stomach issues.  I wish I didn't say I would go a few weeks back.  I can't bag on her since its just the 2 of us.  So I will just suck it up and be strong!

Why won't I tell people I am doing a challenge of no alcohol for 100 days? Because I'm not confident enough in myself and don't want to look like a failure. That's why.  When I make it to 30 days, I will share with everyone else.  I want to reach that goal first and then make my "announcement."

Reading blogs and hearing how other ladies have gone to weddings, graduations,parties, social gatherings and made it just fine with out alcohol.  Another blog I read today compared alcohol to an abusive relationship.  If someone hurts your friend time and time again, wouldn't you tell the friend it's time to dump the relationship that is harming her. So if alcohol is harming me, shouldn't I dump him? Yup, that sounds like a good idea.  That's my plan, to dump this harmful relationship (aka Wolfie) and see how great my life can be with out him!!!

Onto Day 7.

Good Night.

Momma Bee