Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Weekend is Here....

After I left work yesterday, I did a few errands for Xmas and I pondered buying a bottle of wine.  I didn't.  Instead , I counted in my head how many days in a row I had of no alcohol.  I was working on Day 4.  While wrapping presents last night w/ my son I thought to myself, I would have drank the whole bottle if I bought one.  Wonder how bad my wrappings  would of looked?  When we were done, kids went up to bed, I sat down, my back was sore, and I thought I deserve a lil reward for all I did tonight.  I had something to make a mixed drink.   I resisted and glad I did.  I went to bed at 11 and woke two times after some strange dreams.  I bagged the gym this morning and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep. 

It will be a long weekend of parties, celebrations and the crazy family is coming to town. I have plans to hit the gym tomorrow morning, so I will stay away from the wine tonight, that is the plan anyway. 

Why don't I always have the will-power to stick to the plan?

Happy Friday to all!

Momma Bee