Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 6 and I'm Dragging a Little~

After a good nights sleep of 6+ hours (I'm striving for 8 but we all know how hard that is) I had no problem waking up for cross-training class this morning @ 5am.  Actually with the increase of my water intake, I had to get up! In class, I was dragging.  My energy level was not there.  I burned lower amount of calories than normal too.  However, I got up and did it.  I know it takes about 2 weeks for the body to get accustomed and adjust to the no sugars and carbs, so I plan to just ride it out.  I feel good overall.  My emotions are not all over the map as they were Day 3.  I have a few bouts of tiredness here and there.... but I always did before too. 

My plan for the weekend.... read more of It Starts With Food, CT class and Spin, two soccer games, and spend some quality time with my boys.  If I can, start cleaning out my closet of clothes I haven't touched for Good Will!

Now to get some work done @ my job!  ;-)

Momma Bee