Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clear thoughts suck.....

It's only going on Day 2 and my stupid mind is thinking and feelings are coming to the surface. I don't like it. I want to go back to burying my head in the sand. Buzzed, drunk or hung over is so much easier. Bills, money problems, kids, an X husband and boyfriend issues are so much easier with wine, right? 

The thought of a drink entered my mind last night cleaning up dinner, my normal drinking time. I didn't do it. Cleaned up read, played on my iPad and fell asleep. I was exhausted. I'm looking forward to better sleep. I'm trying not to think too far ahead, like what's on tap this weekend.....

Woke up early and hit the gym this Morning. Regulars said, hey where you been? Taking night classes? I'm lucky if I've been going once a week the last few months.  I once was a regular morning 6am gal! Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be back at the gym for 2 days in a row!

Time to get to work!

Momma Bee