Monday, January 6, 2014


Today is Day 76..... I  have been having these headaches and I am pretty sure it is from being dehydrated.  I was never great at drinking enough water during the day before.  Now I drink some mineral water along with un-sweetened ice tea or regular water but since I no longer consuming lots of wine, I believe I am de-hydrated.  Especially now since it is winter and I am "not thirsty".  They say you should drink half your body weight in water daily. 

My goal the next few days is to drink more water and see if the headaches go away.  Today's headache is from late yesterday morning.  I took Motrin 2X yesterday and none today.  They are not migraines but just enough to be annoying and bother me.  If they don't go away I will let my MD know next week at my check up.  I pray they are not related to high BP.  The past year my BP has been slightly elevated and I hope it was from my wine habit.  If it is high next week, it obviously not booze related.

I went to the gym yesterday and I am so out of shape.  I haven't been in a month and the past several months I went maybe 3-6x per month.  It doesn't take long to lose your stamina, especially when you pack on extra weight too.  When I arrived I saw my bestie running on the treadmill.  Then I read on the new goal wall she lifted a new max.  We were always on the same fitness level.  I stopped my negative thoughts about myself nor would I compare myself to her when I stepped on the treadmill. Instead I kept to my plan of brisk walking and wouldn't let it get me down.  The past several months I was in bed, either being lazy or hung over while she was at the gym.  Now I have no excuses.  I completed 4.5 miles and today after work I plan to take the HIIT class which is a max of 30 mins class and walk 2 miles on the treadmill.  I need to start walking and hopefully add run/walk intervals for my 10K in February.  At this rate, I hope I can walk the 10K without dying!

Now off to grab another water bottle........

Momma Bee