Friday, October 25, 2013

Light Bulb Moment

Last night after falling asleep on the sofa twice, I finally carried my lazy ass up to bed around 10:15.  As I snuggled under the covers listening to my BF snore away (wishing he was still sleeping on the sofa, huge snorer) I was thinking.... Day 2 done. Weekend coming, be strong.  Then I thought, my thoughts are consumed on not drinking, don't focus too hard about days ahead, take one day at a time.

Wow the light bulb went off...... Ugggh, I don't want to think about drinking. I'm "Tired of Thinking About Drinking".  Belle, my favorite sober blogger has picked the best title of her blog.

Belle founded a 100 Day No Drinking challenge.  Each month her group grows. Some are now working on an 180 day challenge. I'm taking the challenge, again. I'm motivated by the others in their various stages of sobriety. I'm comforted that I am not alone with my personal struggle. I'm encouraged that over time it will get easier, especially with the mind game.

So as I read other blogs I nod my head yes that's true. I file away what I need to use in my own journey and some are:

Cravings last about 10 mins.

The first drink is the enemy, not the 4th one.

Avoid temptation the first few days and weeks, even if you have to hide under the covers in your locked bedroom.

The more days away from alcohol the better you will feel.

Your not alone and your not a loser or failure.

So onto Day 3 and the weekend.  I've survived weekends before. Maybe I will drag my lazy butt to the gym this weekend.   You never regret a workout when it's over.

Happy Weekend to all.