Sunday, October 27, 2013


Day 5.....

My son had a bad time at his dance last night, he called and asked for me to get him early.  Glad , I wasn't drinking so I could be there and talk to him about what happened.

Today, I slept till 9 and it's 2pm and  I am still in my robe. I'm tired, cranky, moody and I don't know why.  Took a few cat naps, guess it's just catching up with me.  I read before somewhere, detoxing sometimes has flu like symptoms.  Yup, that's how I feel. Tired, cranky, moody, headache and blah.  I feel dehydrated too.  I've been drinking lots of mineral water and tea.  Maybe the Chinese take out last night had too much MSG or something.

I'm forcing myself to shower and take my son for a haircut.  I cleaned half the house yesterday and really need to do the upstairs when I get back.  Hopefully a shower and some fresh air will help.

This Sunday feels like a hang over Sunday but it's not....... I'm thankful for that.