Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 22~

I made it.  I made it past my longest streak from when ever I started keeping track.... (last 2-3 years??)  I am doing pretty good.  Survived a few outings this weekend where others were drinking.  The restaurant we were at even had mocktails on the drink menu, how cool was that?  I ordered Ginger Beer.  Yummy.... basically, ginger, soda water and simple syrup.  I need to experiment at home.  $ 5.00, same price as a cocktail.  I only had one!

At the restaurant Sunday, I looked around and saw a lady drinking wine, it didn't phase me.  I noticed a guy drinking and he was kind of loud~ I thought to myself, he is a little tipsy. My group of 5, only 1 was drinking and she only had one.

Friday night I was out w/ some close friends, there was just 5 of us.  They asked me why I wasn't drinking.... I confessed drinking for me is a vicious cycle.  I drink too many calories, skip workouts, I'm moody and depressed and I gained 25 pounds the last year.  The main problem with all of that I find is the booze.  Eliminate the booze and I will be better off.  I can then get up early and exercise, less calories and if I eliminate the depressant than maybe I will feel better about myself.  I didn't have to come clean on some of my other reasons but it felt good it was out there in the open.  They were proud of my streak (at the time was 17 days).  The next day one friend texted me that I was an inspiration and she decided to give up the booze too.  That she just needed to find another way to cope.  Sound familiar?  In my area, age group, circle of friends everyone drinks.  I can really say only one friend isn't a drinker.  She will at times but not often.  She is a close friend so that will help not feel alone when we are out socially. 

I keep hearing in the blogging world, Sober is the New Black. 

Just maybe it is.....

Momma B.