Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Monday~ Day 34

I am here, alive and doing well.....

Just a short post, I am swamped today and I usually blog at work b/c I am on a computer.  Typing at home on an iPad isn't as easy. 

Monday nights are always swamped for me, lots of kids activities after work.  I wanted to hit the gym after work tonight too but not sure I can swing it.  I still have to pick up my turkey tonight.  I am cooking for 10 on Thanksgiving (I really like to cook so I don't mind) but I also work Wednesday and Friday, so free time is limited this week.

Woo Hoo, today is sober day number 34.  Funny I had to count it out forgot what number day it was.  I had a nice weekend, stayed in really.  Did take the kids to see Catching Fire Saturday (great movie btw) a great morning work out and cleaning all afternoon.  Sunday was lazy day, I napped a good bit  besides cooking, reading and grocery shopping.

A friend emailed me today and asked today if I am going to NOT drink over the holidays.... I said yup, I made a pledged to myself for many reasons to quit for 100 days.  I think I heard her jaw hit the desk from the other side of the City.  (ha ha)  She asked if I missed it and was I doing ok w/ my decision?  I said, honestly, I am ok with it and I feel great about it.

I really do believe that.  I told Belle I am on a Pink Cloud today~ I haven't felt this determined about anything is a long time.......

Don't worry, I am keeping an eye out for Mr. Fucker~ aka Wolfie!

Hope all is well in your sober world!

Momma Bee